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Youth Motivational Speakers Teach Students the Importance of Being Assertive

Youth Motivational Speakers Teach Students the Importance of Being Assertive

Assertiveness, when used properly, is a tool that helps you communicate better and reduces stress. At its base, assertiveness is a key communication skill, allowing you to clearly express yourself and stand up for what you believe in. Assertiveness, done correctly, also allows you to respect the beliefs and rights of others. Youth motivational speakers speak up for assertiveness, wanting today's youth to stand up for what is right and not let others push them around.

Being assertive also reduces stress levels, especially if you are one of those individuals always taking on more projects because you cannot say no. Assertiveness gives you the ability to say no when you have to, helping you manage your stress levels.

Some people are naturally more assertive than others are. However, for those who are not naturally assertive, it is a skill that can be learned. To start becoming more assertive you can practice saying no, using body language to appear confident - such as making eye contact, and keeping your emotions under control.

Assertive Communication Makes Sense to Youth Motivational Speakers

Assertive Communication Makes Sense to Youth Motivational SpeakersTrue assertiveness is built on mutual respect, allowing for communication in a diplomatic and effective style. If you are assertive, you are demonstrating that you will stand up for your beliefs, values, and feelings. It also shows others that you understand that others have rights as well and that you are willing to work on any conflicts that arise from differing opinions. Youth motivational speakers make a living at communicating and therefore understand the importance of assertive communication. By discussing their own life experiences and how they overcame any obstacles, youth see a role model for how assertive communication works.

Assertive behavior brings individuals many benefits; such as increased self-esteem and self-confidence. Youth motivational speakers help the youth understand that assertive behavior helps you earn the respect of peers while improving decision-making skills. They strive to let teenagers understand that as they practice assertive communication they will come to recognize and understand their own feelings while earning respect from peers, teachers, and future employers.

Youth Motivational Speakers Differentiate Between Assertive and Aggressive Behavior

Youth Motivational Speakers Differentiate Between Assertive and Aggressive BehaviorYouth motivational speakers understand that assertiveness is very different from aggressiveness. Aggressiveness does not care about the values, beliefs, and feelings of others.

Youth motivational speakers explain that people who are aggressive are often viewed as bullies whose aim is to intimidate and humiliate other individuals in order to get what they want. While aggressiveness may get you what you want, it does so at a price. There will be no sense of trust or respect and, in fact, others may resent and avoid you.

Bringing in youth motivational speakers to help teach your students the importance of being assertive is extremely beneficial. These speakers know how to connect with the audience, uniting them together to one cause.

Brad Hurtig is an extremely talented youth motivational speaker. Brad learned to be assertive and stand up for his rights after losing both hands in a workplace accident during his high school years. His inspiring story of how he went on to become a defensive leader on his senior year football team is guaranteed to reach out and grab the audience's attention. To learn more about how Brad can help teach your students to be assertive in today's society, please contact us today!


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