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From Amputee to All-State

Within months of losing both of his hands, Brad rejoined his high school football team. Within a year-and-a-half, Brad regained his starting linebacker position, led his team in tackles, and earned First-Team All-Ohio honors.

How was Brad able to quickly overcome such a devastating obstacle? Even more, to navigate a loss into a win by going from amputee to all-state?

The Message

Brad’s message is centered around an influential story that took place between himself and his football coach. Brad would often rely on others to pick up a water bottle when he was thirsty. At the end of practice, Brad asked his coach for a drink. Instead of picking up the bottle, his coach said something that would ultimately change Brad’s life. He said, “If you’re thirsty enough, you’ll Find A Way.”

That day Brad successfully got a drink and that challenge became the catalyst in learning what it takes to overcome. Brad would soon learn a powerful strategy that enabled him to move past his fears and reach his goals. He now shows students how to do the same.

Brad’s story has commanded national attention. He has been featured by media outlets including ESPN and The New York Times.  Most recently, he was featured as a TEDx speaker. Now Brad travels the country sharing his message of Find A Way.

Read the full ESPN article on Brad's amazing story.

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