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“Brad's story is compelling. His student participation was well thought out, organized, and timed. His pervasive theme, Find A Way, is perfect for high school assemblies and was interwoven throughout the presentation.”
Mark Blanchard, Gettysburg HS

“Brad's sense of humor captivated their attention for the entire presentation.”
Kylie Fyfe, Bowie MS

“It was fantastic!! Brad was EXCEPTIONAL. The students and faculty loved him. I will be sharing his name with other groups!”
Mitzi Purvis, Trinity MS/HS

“Many speakers are focused on drugs and alcohol and kids get tired of hearing that over and over, especially those who are making good decisions. This was a great inspiration for all students.”
Adam Benner, Tri-West HS

“Brad’s message of "Find A Way" was been adopted by our school and is the theme for the year!”
Chris Hupke, Oswego HS

“Great message that was very relevant, and Brad connected very well with our students… Our students provided our staff with lots of positive feedback from this presentation.”
Cam Smith, MOC-Floyd Valley MS

“Brad has a great story! It’s relevant to all students - overcoming obstacles to succeed.”
Julie Flack, Effingham HS

“Inspiring for Middle School students. Brad shows students that life has adversity and yet they can Find A Way.”
Ed Moore, River Valley MS

“Brad has a unique story that was relatable to every student in the audience.”
Leo LaBrie, Jacobs HS

“Brad related to students and spoke to them, not at them.”
Jonathan Muro, Madison MSl


“Brad spoke at our middle school and was the BEST speaker we have ever had!”
Sheri Sell, Warner MS

“Brad has a great sense of humor and outlook on life with his personal tragedy. He was very conversational with the students and was able to immediately connect with both the staff and students. He even spent time after the presentation, answering the students many questions.”
Alicia Kukoski, Progressions MS/HS

“He broke up the serious struggles with comedy. I loved the way he opened up the program with the water bottle challenge. The students really listened to him.”
Shirley Reed, Onarga HS


“Thank you so much for coming to our school… It gave us so much inspiration to hear your story. It not only inspires but it persuades. It persuades people to FIND A WAY and make it through the hard challenges. Again thank you for coming and I hope to see you again!”
Terrance, Senior Student

“You make me want to try harder and be the best I can be. Thank you again. You turned my life around just by your words. I hope to see you again one day!”
Jocelyn, MS Student

“I just wanted to thank you for coming and sharing your storying with us…. I have struggled with giving up and your story gave me that boost I really needed to keep going. You changed a lot for me in a matter of 30 minutes!”
Emily, HS Student

“Hey Brad, after listening to your message today it was truly an amazing experience and one that I’ll never forget. You’re an inspiration to me. I just wanted to say thank you for your amazing story. It was an experience I’ll never forget!”
Braden, HS Student

“Thank you so much for talking at our school today! After your talk, all day you were the only thing anyone was talking about and how we could try to be like you and persevere even when it gets tough. So again thank you so much for helping us be better people and inspiring us! We are very thankful for you!”
Sarah, HS Student

“You may not remember my little school...but I thought you might like to know that your speech has impacted our school for the better and I wanted to thank you!”
Ashley, HS Student

“Hey Brad, your speech spoke to me like nothing before. My father past away when I was 10 and I face it everyday ... but your book and speech has helped me through the problem. Thanks so much man!!”
Desmond, HS Student

Administrator Testimonial Videos

“If you’re looking to have Brad come out, I would highly recommend it“ -Chris Thornsley, Principal, Circleville HS (OH)

“The students were extremely engaged in what he had to say” -Jenny Anderson, Principal, Bowie MS (TX)

“(the students) took away they can have control over how they handle any obstacles that come their way...” -Lara Tiffin, Principal, South Salem (OR)

“Brad Hurtig is an excellent option for a student assembly” -Mark Blanchard, Principal, Gettysburg HS (PA)

“I had students coming up to me in the hallway shaking my hand thanking me that we brought Brad in” -Keith Strickler, Principal, Crestline MS/HS (OH)

“As an administrator, I completely would endorse him... and recommend him to come speak at your school” -Mac Cooley, Principal, Tichenor MS (KY)

“I've never seen our students so engaged when listening to a speaker” -Nolan Sadler, Dean of Students, Heritage MS (OH)


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