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Top Motivational Speakers Understand the Power behind Positive Self-Talk

Top Motivational Speakers Understand the Power behind Positive Self-Talk

Self-talk is a vital component of our lives. It influences how we feel about ourselves and what we think we can achieve in our lives. It also affects how we interact with others around us. Our self-talk impacts our self-confidence and self-esteem. Top motivational speakers understand the important role self-talk has in their own life and are able to explain to others why they need to pay attention to their own self-talk. One way to promote joy and hope into our lives is to purposefully fill our minds and thoughts with positive self-talk.

We learn our pattern of self-talk from those around us as we are growing up. If others in our lives tend to be negative, pointing out faults and nothing positive, then we tend to take on those negative ideas ourselves and they become our focus. However, if we are surrounded by loving individuals who build us up, pointing out the positives and good they see in us while lovingly helping us deal with our weaknesses, then we tend to be more positive.

Top Motivational Speakers Explain Internal Dialogue

Top Motivational Speakers Explain Internal DialogueExamining our internal dialogue is essential if we are trying to change our lives. It is vitally important that today's youth understand this idea. If our minds are filled with negative thoughts, that continually put ourselves down, we are bound to become depressed. Overcoming negative thoughts is accomplished by overwriting them. We need to learn to replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts. Top motivational speakers have overcome various levels of adversity and learned the power of focusing on positive internal dialogue. 

We need to intentionally replace the negative self-talk with positive messages. Whenever our minds start going down that dark path of a negative internal dialogue working to tear us down, we need to purposefully focus on a positive message, on the good that we are capable of doing. This is a key attribute of top motivational speakers who would not be able to give the messages they do if they were continually focussed on the negative.

Positive Self-Talk is not the Same as Self-Deception, according to Top Motivational Speakers

Positive Self-Talk is not the Same as Self-Deception, according to Top Motivational SpeakersTop motivational speakers clearly emphasize that positive self-talk is not ignoring the reality of what is happening in your world. Positive self-talk focuses on recognizing the truth in both yourself and the circumstances surrounding you. Everyone makes mistakes; it is inevitable. Positive self-talk does not mean that you expect yourself to be perfect and make no mistakes but instead it means that you know that you can handle whatever mistakes you make and learn from them. All top motivational speakers have made mistakes in their lives, and one of the reasons they are able to speak with others is that they learned from their mistakes, and did not let those mistakes destroy the rest of their lives.

Brad Hurtig is one of today's top motivational speakers, with the ability to help your students think positively. Brad's life story clearly demonstrates his ability to overcome life's difficulties. As a high school student, Brad lost both hands in a workplace accident. However, he did not let his loss dictate the rest of his life and worked hard to become a leader on his high school football team. His inspiring story is sure to capture your student's attention. To find out more about how to have Brad inspire your students, please contact us today!


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