Youth Motivational Speakers - Because Being a Teenager is Not Easy

Youth motivational speakers are becoming increasingly important in our society as our youth fall prey to hurtful words. The saying 'Sticks and stones can break my bones, but words can never hurt me' is a fallacy. Words do hurt, often to a much greater degree than any sticks or stones.

The power of words is immense, and often not completely understood. Even adults often do not realize the power of their words, no matter how small the words may seem; they retain the ability to cause great harm, even when that is not the intention. Therefore, teenagers truly do not grasp the full weight or affect their words may have on those around them. Technology provides a wide forum for words, words often used to hurt others, especially because it is easier to use hurtful words when you are not looking directly at the recipient.

Reasons to Hire Youth Motivational Speakers

Reasons to Hire Youth Motivational SpeakersBombarded on all sides by messages of negativity, messages stating that they are not good enough and will never be good enough, messages that drag down, tear apart and disappoint, today's teenagers desperately need to hear positive messages. They need messages to bring them hope, to see the chance for a better future, to realize their own potential to change themselves and the world around them.

Youth motivational speakers bring positive words into the lives of the youth. These positive words have great power and an ability to change lives for the better. By relating their own past difficulties and how they overcame hurdles provides positive examples demonstrating that it is indeed possible to triumph.

Youth motivational speakers present strong, positive messages through the use of humor and personal experiences to provide encouragement. They motivate students to try, to work towards creating a life they can be proud of, to become successful leaders and mentors. Students walk away feeling inspired and unstoppable and united in a purpose.

Top Topics Presented by Youth Motivational Speakers

Each speaker is unique, bringing their own individual personality and experiences to the table. However, all youth motivational speakers work to inspire the youth on a variety of topics. Some possible topics to consider when bringing in a speaker are:

  • Overcoming adversity
  • Dealing with peer pressure
  • Building self-esteem
  • Learning from mistakes
  • Self-motivation
  • Breaking bad habits
  • Dreaming big

Look at the youth you work with, assess their needs, and then use that information to decide what topic is best suited for your group and which of the many youth motivational speakers available you feel will have the strongest impact.

Brad Hurtig, One of Today's Youth Motivational Speakers

Brad Hurtig, One of Today's Youth Motivational SpeakersBrad Hurtig lost both hands in a workplace accident during his sophomore year of high school. His football coach became his mentor, as he told Brad to 'find a way' when Brad wanted a drink of water. Brad took that advice to heart and now goes around the country passing on this message to students everywhere. His life story provides great encouragement for all ages, both young and old. For more information, contact Brad today!


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Stand your ground.  Don't back down.

What does it mean to stand your ground? People today are
constantly making commitments and breaking them.  Look at
divorce rates, credit card debts, New Years's resolutions... and
the list of unfulfilled promises goes on.  It it even possible to
keep our commitments?

Stand your ground,  Don't back down.

Joel Penton says, "Yes it is possible" - he knows from
experience.  Like most of your students, Joel was put into
situations in middle school and high school where it would
have been easy to compromise and break his commitments.
However, he chose to rise above the pressure and keep the
committments he made in school, in football, and in life.

Stand your ground.  Don't back down.

Joe will say that it takes character, it takes will, and the road
will be hard.  But his personal experience is proof that ordinary
people can accomplish great things by simply following through
with the commitments they have made.  Your students will be
inspired and reminded of the importance of not just making
committments, but also keep those commitments.

Don't back down.  Stand your ground.