Inspirational Speeches for Students - The Elements of

Motivational speeches geared towards students continue to grow in popularity. The number of speakers available to provide inspirational speeches for students continues to grow. These speakers come from a wide variety of backgrounds, with different stories to tell. One common theme often relates to making a positive difference in a person's world.


One key element required to be that positive difference maker is having a life purpose. That purpose motivates people to strive forward. It provides the push to overcome hurdles, both small and large. Demonstrating for others the power of setting goals no matter what your life circumstances provide them with the hope that they too can do the same. Great inspirational speeches for students talk about the relationship between setting goals and attaining success.

A second element is continually pushing to improve yourself. Being satisfied with who you are and what you are doing leads to stagnation. Always trying to do better and be a better person provides motivation to continually strive for improvement, to remain open to any and all learning opportunities that come your way. Students need to feel that no matter where they are or what they have done, with effort they can do better. No one is incapable of improving himself or herself. Inspirational speakers act as role models for students, physically demonstrating that they have pulled through very difficult circumstances and, by never giving up and always striving to become better people, they make a difference in lives all around them.

Elements of Inspirational Speeches for StudentsMaking a positive difference requires being focused on the future, rather than the present. Strictly focusing on the present creates barriers, as you cannot see possibilities for the future. Seeing no future possibilities leads to apathy and an attitude of 'why bother'. Barriers become insurmountable when you are blind to future possibilities. Knowing that circumstances can change drives people to continue pushing through, working towards better life circumstances, believing that it is truly possible. Inspirational speeches for students can demonstrate just what focusing on the future looks like; that it does not solve problems, but rather provides skills necessary to overcome them.

The fourth key is based on the idea of setting a positive example for those around you. Being a positive influence will not only draw the eyes of fellow students to you but also the eyes of teachers, coaches, and other adults in your life. As these adults focus on you, your strengths and skills become clear. Adults who previously held no hope for a student's life see the potential, which motivates them to reciprocate and become a positive influence in the student's life. Influential adults can capitalize on those abilities to help students achieve even greater things, providing guidance along the way.

Last Key in Inspirational Speeches for Students

Last Key in Inspirational Speeches for StudentsIt is vital that inspirational speeches for students clearly state the message that anyone is capable of becoming a positive difference maker. Students need to feel that this not only applies to the smart kids, or the athletic or popular students. A truly effective speech instills in everyone listening a sense that they too are capable of achieving this, of becoming a positive influence on those around them. Inspirational speeches for students open their eyes to the possibilities of the future and instill the idea that they, too, can be that influential person in another's life.

Brad HurtigBrad Hurtig works at providing strong inspirational speeches for students, relating how he overcame losing both of his hands, to experiencing success. Through his inspirational speeches for students, he has changed lives and imparted into students. Contact us today to have Brad speak at your next assembly.


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Stand your ground.  Don't back down.

What does it mean to stand your ground? People today are
constantly making commitments and breaking them.  Look at
divorce rates, credit card debts, New Years's resolutions... and
the list of unfulfilled promises goes on.  It it even possible to
keep our commitments?

Stand your ground,  Don't back down.

Joel Penton says, "Yes it is possible" - he knows from
experience.  Like most of your students, Joel was put into
situations in middle school and high school where it would
have been easy to compromise and break his commitments.
However, he chose to rise above the pressure and keep the
committments he made in school, in football, and in life.

Stand your ground.  Don't back down.

Joe will say that it takes character, it takes will, and the road
will be hard.  But his personal experience is proof that ordinary
people can accomplish great things by simply following through
with the commitments they have made.  Your students will be
inspired and reminded of the importance of not just making
committments, but also keep those commitments.

Don't back down.  Stand your ground.