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Youth Motivational Speakers Speak about Teenage Stress

Youth Motivational Speakers Speak about Teenage Stress

I think the majority of us would agree that we would not go back and relive our teenage years for anything, even a million dollars. Those teenage years have always been difficult. The human teenager undergoes cognitive, physical, and social changes and typically feels pulled in a thousand different directions. Youth motivational speakers possess a strong desire to help teenagers deal with the stress of, well, the stress of simply being a teenager.

The teenage years are a time of transition, leaving childhood behind and moving into adulthood. It is time for building one's identity, seeking autonomy, and for learning about intimacy and relationships. It has always been this way.

Youth Motivational Speakers Help Teenagers Understand Stress

Youth Motivational Speakers Help Teenagers Understand StressTeenagers are struggling more today than in eras gone by. What has changed? What has changed is the environment in which they live. Today's world is global, fast-paced, and eternally plugged in. Teenagers face pressure from a bigger, faster world, one that is always open through the means of social media. They never have the time to turn off for a while. They feel the constant pressure to be 'on' and available, as their cell phones never leave their hands.

Youth motivational speakers understand the constant barrage of pressure teenagers face from a variety of sources and they strive to provide them with tools to help them not only manage, but succeed beyond their wildest dreams.
With the global world, students face more pressure at school. The competition to get into a university is not just from their fellow students but also from students around the world. Getting a good education is increasingly important. Therefore, the pressure mounts as graduation come nearer. There is also a great deal of pressure for teens to decide what they want to do 'when they grow up'. I am an adult and sometimes I don't know what I want to do 'when I grow up', so how can a teenager possible make that decision? Yet, those decisions must be made so that the right classes are taken in high school, and the right jobs and volunteer positions are obtained.

Work is another source of teenage pressure. Today, many students hold part-time jobs. Many families are struggling and teenagers are required to get a job to pay for any additional items they would like to get. This creates time pressure as students struggle to keep up their homework, work part-time hours, and find some time to be a teenager and have some fun. Youth motivational speakers provide tools and techniques to help students organize their time, optimizing the hours spent at school and work in order to provide time to get out and have fun.

Youth Motivational Speakers Discuss Expectations

Youth Motivational Speakers Discuss ExpectationsTeenagers today face greater expectations. Some of those expectations are external, while others are internal. Parents, teachers, employers, and friends all have expectations. Future universities and employers also have expectations. On top of that, teenagers have their own expectations of themselves. They often feel that they need to be successful at everything they do otherwise they are a failure. No one can be successful at everything and that is a hard lesson to learn. Youth motivational speakers understand this and work to get teenagers to accept that failure is a painful, yet necessary, part of life.

Brad Hurtig is one of the up and coming youth motivational speakers. After losing both hands in a workplace accident he went on to become a leader on his high school football team. He understands what it means to be a teenager dealing with stress and his presentations help our youth understand the stress they are facing and how to best handle it. To have Brad be a speaker at your next school assembly, please contact us today.


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