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Top Motivational Speakers – Helping Students Be Themselves

If you ask teens what’s one of the biggest things they struggle with, I bet you that at least half of them will say “self-esteem”. Did you know that over 70% of girls believe that they are not good enough? This is a staggering number. It’s time to start teaching kids about the significance of being unique. People these days are so busy comparing themselves to everyone else that they forget the importance of being an individual. Top motivational speakers are no stranger to insecurities – it’s not always easy to get in front of a bunch of people and deliver a speech. We want to show students the power of facing your fears and being yourself.

Top Motivational Speakers Embrace Their Differences

Top Motivational Speakers Embrace Their DifferencesInsecurities do not define a person’s worth or value, but many teens today are letting them. Top motivational speakers want your students to know that you don’t have to follow the crowd to be worthy or to matter. We want to teach your students to embrace what makes them human and what makes them who they are. There is no one way to look or one way to act, and we want kids to see how their differences make society better. Brad Hurtig could have let his struggles define him and let his differences make him feel less than, but he didn’t. He embraced what made him different and he found a way to move forward.
How Top Motivational Speakers Can Help Your Students

There’s no better example of embracing what makes you unique than Brad Hurtig. When face-to-face with a huge obstacle, he did not back down. Instead, he persevered and used his struggles to pave a way. Brad wants your students to know how empowering it is to be confident and love yourself just the way you are. To learn more about how Brad can help your students, please contact us today. Brad Hurtig is proud to be a member of the Relevant Speakers Network!


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