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Inspirational Speeches for Students – Identifying Your Big Why

It often seems impossible to motivate some students to do well in school. Despite the possibility of bad grades and failure, they still don’t seem to want to make a change. So how do you help encourage them? With inspirational speeches for students, of course. Perhaps your students just haven’t found their motivating force in life yet.

 Working Towards Success with Inspirational Speeches for Students

 Working Towards Success with Inspirational Speeches for StudentsInspirational speeches for students can be a great tool to help them find their “big why”. What is a “big why”? In short, it’s your purpose in life that motivates you to succeed. Some people are motivated by good grades, but others have to look deeper at their big goals in life. One way to discover your big why is to ask yourself some questions. What are some things you have done that made you feel truly proud of yourself or fulfilled? Once you identify a few things, ask yourself why. Maybe you enjoy helping others, so your driving force behind success is to one day become a doctor or another profession that helps people. It’s important to help students find their driving force in life instead of just focusing on good grades. Some students get good grades naturally, but others have to find what inspires them to work harder for their goals. It’s not always easy to persuade teenagers to do something that they don’t want to do, so save yourself the hassle by helping your students determine their big why with inspirational speeches for students.

Inspirational Speeches for Students with Brad

Brad Hurtig found his big why – helping motivate others to overcome struggles. That’s why he is the perfect man for the job. Brad knows just how important it is to have a big why. With his inspirational speeches for students, he aims to inspire your students to dream big and work hard. To hear one of Brad’s inspirational speeches for students at your school, contact us today. Brad Hurtig is proud to be a member of the Relevant Speakers Network!


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